“Skills First” Hiring is Up

Skills First hiring is Up

Skills first hiring is Up

For many years, companies had tendencies to measure candidates largely by their degrees and years of experience to hire and promote.  However, more and more employers are leaving behind these requirements and embracing a skills-first hiring approach.

This approach emphasizes strong work backgrounds, certifications, assessments, and endorsements. Soft skills are becoming more of a key focus of hiring managers over hard skills as skills first hiring is up overall and has lead to a drop in the cost and disruption of bad hires.

Degree Requirements are Fading

A growing number of organizations are dropping traditional college degree requirements in favor of skills gained through alternative methods.  As well as soft skills that are more innate than learned.  Skills-first hiring helps companies find and attract a broader pool of candidates who are better suited to fill positions for the long term.  It also opens up opportunities to non-traditional candidates, including women and minorities.

Skills-First Hiring Opens Doors

Studies have found that when degree requirements are lessened or dropped in job postings, the posting becomes more specific about spelling out the soft skills like communication and being detail-oriented. According to the research firm IDC, only about one-third of the US adult population has a college degree, making it harder for businesses to find candidates.

Qualification Reset Boosts Diversity

A reset on which actual skills are needed to fill knowledge-worker jobs could have implications for how employers find talent in the years ahead. More importantly to open opportunities for the two-thirds of Americans without a college education, according to the HBR/Burning Glass study.   Its reported that employees without a 4-year degree stay 34% longer.

Change isn’t just in private industry

Skills-based hiring practices aren’t limited to the private sector. Last year, the White House announced new limits on the use of educational requirements.  Also over the past year, five governors removed most college degree requirements for entry-level state jobs.

World Changing Labor Market

Change won’t happen overnight. Paradigm shifts never do. However, it’s clear that doing something that could be seen as a ‘world-changing labor market’ that is more efficient and more equitable than ever before, could actually be possible in our lifetime.

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Skills First hiring is Up

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