World Teen Mental Awareness Day

World Teen Mental Awareness Day

World Teen Mental Awareness Day

World Teen Mental Wellness Day is observed on March 2 every year. It’s observed across the globe to help raise awareness about the mental health issues that teenagers can face. And to make those experiencing mental health challenges aware of available resources.

Teens Mental Health in Crisis

2023 trends report from the American Psychological Association, stated teens’ mental health is in crisis. Now more than ever, young people are struggling especially with issues such as loneliness, anxiety, and depression.

Current State of Teen Mental Health

While youths are often dismissed as dramatic, entitled or lazy.  Today’s teens face unique stressors that previous generations didn’t. Young people’s lives are steeped in social media. This keeps them closely connected to their peers at all times, which can leave them vulnerable to cyberbullying. It also means that they’re often the first to hear about the latest school shooting or international tragedy.

How You Can Help

Navigating parenting in this social media era can be difficult. Fortunately, there are some concrete steps you can take to help support your teenager, their mental health and connect them to professional resources if necessary.

If you suspect something is wrong there are ways you can help:

  1. Limit screen time. While social media isn’t solely to blame for the recent rise in teen mental illness, it is certainly a factor. Studies show that the longer teens spend on their phones, the more likely  they are to report feeling unhappy.
  2. Let them know you care. If you’re worried about a friend’s behavior, let them know you care.
  3. Involve trusted others. If you find a friend in need of additional support, you don’t need to handle it alone. Ask a friend, parent, or even school counselor for help.
  4. Just be there. In reality, many times just sitting with someone, being available to talk to, and having a sympathetic ear are a great relief to people who are struggling.
  5. More than one emergency contact. It may be helpful for children and teens to save several emergency numbers to their cell phones. The ability to get immediate help for themselves or for a friend can make a difference.

Start a Conversation

If you notice your teen exhibiting any of telltale signs of mental illness, it’s important that you don’t ignore them. Gently ask about what your teenager has been experiencing and try your best to understand them, instead of jumping to criticism or critique.

If you or someone you know needs immediate help,

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