Is Work Life Balance a Myth

Is Work Life Balance a Myth

Is Work Life Balance a Myth

We hear so much about having a work-life balance, but is it a myth? I mean you can say ‘I’m out of the office by X o’clock’ but chances are you are still thinking about work during your evening and what you have to do tomorrow.  What does work-life balance actually mean? Ask five people, and you’ll get five different answers. I think we like to say it because it says everything without – actually saying much.

Change is Constant

True balance does not exist. Life is consistently juggling balls in the air. Who doesn’t juggle, getting the kids up and ready for school at the same time you are getting ready for work. Then juggling after school activities, homework, dinner, dishes, laundry, groceries, and how much wine to buy (or is that just me?). Then after all of that, off to bed and get ready to it all again tomorrow.

The Balance

While work and life are distinct, we forget that work is simply a part of our life. Maybe that’s why so many of us seek a balance of some kind in our life.  And though work can sometimes drain us and feel endless at times, it doesn’t have to. No matter what you do, your career can be an enriching part of your life.

When we focus solely on a work-life balance, we run the risk of settling for less. Remember, the goal of life is not to balance pain (work) and pleasure (life). When done right, work creates life, not the other way around.

Live Well

It won’t matter if your work and personal life are balanced if you are not living well, taking care of yourself, and making healthy choices.  Try to focus on something more: Am I living well? It’s a simple question.  But the answer can stretch into different aspects of your life like, physical, financial, spiritual, etc.  This question can also allow for overlap of these aspects and reminds us that work can often make life better, not worse.


Having healthy boundaries is better approach to a more balanced life and more practical to implement. Boundaries will allow for the integration of work and a personal life, understanding the different roles in your life as equally valuable. A boundary could be reading a book for 10 minutes at the end of lunch without texting or taking calls. Or perhaps having a set time to exercise without taking calls or texts. Choose what boundaries you want to implement in your life. And stay true to your boundaries.

Work and life are inextricably linked, and companies are beginning to understand, and are designing new ways for people to be their best selves in each role.

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