Employment Laws 2023

Employment Laws 2023 2023 brings new employment law trends for employers to watch carefully. As the pandemic recedes, significant changes are being made to US labor law regulations. Laws and policies in 2022 won’t be relevant in 2023.  Learn more about new and updated employment laws and changes employers and employees should know about. Federal Labor Law… Read More »

Middle Management – Major Stressors

Middle Management – Major Stressors Most of us want to advance in our careers.  Climbing that corporate ladder many times mean that you will be put into a middle management role. One of the most important functions of a middle manager is motivating, leading, and inspiring their subordinates. They are the link between the senior management and… Read More »

Stress Awareness Month

Stress Awareness Month Each year April is recognized as stress awareness month.  Everyone has experienced stress. No one is immune from it. It might be waking up to the alarm clock, rushing to get the kids breakfast, pack lunches, getting them dressed and off to school.  Or stressing over a report due at work.  And… Read More »

Neurodiversity in the Workplace

Neurodiversity in the Workplace The push for better DE&I in our workplaces has expanded in recent years. Many people with neurological conditions have extraordinary skills, including pattern recognition, memory, and mathematics. Yet they often struggle to fit the profiles sought by today’s employers. Many companies benefit from having neuro-diversity in the workplace today.. What is… Read More »

Pay Transparency & Equity

Pay Transparency & Equity Pay transparency is on everyone’s tongue right now. It’s being talked about everywhere around the country. If you hear the phrase ‘pay transparency’ then you also hear ‘pay equity.’  What do they mean?  And are they the same and/or interchangeable?  Pay transparency can help build employee trust and retain talent and… Read More »

Women’s History Month Comes to an End

Women’s History Month Comes to an End As Women’s History Month comes to an end this year, I hope you have celebrated this month by telling a story of a woman that made a difference in your life. A woman that inspires you and that you admire. By sharing these stories, we empower girls to… Read More »

Woes of Employee Misclassification

Woes of Employee Misclassification Worker misclassification can result in legal battles, fines, penalties, and brand damage.  The media today is filled with ongoing class action lawsuits involving large, well-known organizations. These can result in huge costs for your company.  Not only legal costs, but also punitive damages, compensation that goes above and beyond individual or… Read More »

Contingent vs Contract Worker

Contingent vs Contract Worker The question is no longer whether hiring contingent workers will be valuable, but rather which type of contingent workers should be hired for your company’s needs and situation.  By engaging these workers, organizations are able to be agile and save costs while mitigating risks. The contingent workers act as a variable… Read More »

Evolution of Women’s History Month

Evolution of Women’s History Month Every March we recognize the accomplishments and sacrifices of women. It’s 2023, and while many strides have been made for women in the past few decades, the journey is not yet over. Let’s take a walk down memory lane and highlight important moments and the evolution of women’s history month.… Read More »

Women Served to Protect

Women Served to Protect It is no longer a secret that the contributions of women have simply been left out of much of our history. The goal of Women’s History Month is to recognize and celebrate the contributions of women in modern times and throughout history. Since the United States’ fight for independence, women have… Read More »