AI For Better DEI

AI for better DEI

AI For Better DEI   Diversity and inclusivity start at the core of any business with its people. Building a diverse workforce means everyone is represented and is offered the same opportunities, without biases to influence their career paths. Advances in Artificial Intelligence (AI) are making it easier for companies to build a more diverse… Read More »

Employment Laws 2023

Employment Law 2023

Employment Laws 2023 2023 brings new employment law trends for employers to watch carefully. As the pandemic recedes, significant changes are being made to US labor law regulations. Some laws and policies in 2022 won’t be relevant in 2023.  And the transparency and compliance of many of these laws will be aided by the use of ChatGPT… Read More »

Pay Transparency & Equity

Pay Transparency & Equity Pay transparency is on everyone’s tongue right now. It’s being talked about everywhere around the country. If you hear the phrase ‘pay transparency’ then you also hear ‘pay equity.’  What do they mean?  And are they the same and/or interchangeable?  Pay transparency can help build employee trust and retain talent and… Read More »