Is it Live or is it AI

Is it live of AI: Can you tell the difference?

Is it Live or is it AI

Is it Live or is it AI - how can you tell the difference?

Today, a technology-infused future is taking center stage. Artificial Intelligence is all around us..  We are all aware of AI these days with the actors, writers and directors striking to keep a human-element in the things they create.

AI is in all parts of our daily life, from getting groceries, re-ordering our medications, banking, to driving with GPS, etc.  And there’s no doubt that AI has the potential to transform the way we work, recruit, and engage talent, but what is the cost?

AI in the Recruiting Process

The use of artificial intelligence (AI) in recruiting and HR is augmenting human capabilities at an incredible pace. Using AI in the recruiting and hiring process is sparking many conversations with job seekers and recruiters alike. However, recruiters should view AI as just ‘one resource’ in a portfolio of resources that must be balanced to ensure equity in hiring.

Efficiency and Scalability

There is no doubt recruiters appreciate AI’s efficiency, objectivity, and scalability.  It also enables them to sift through large amounts of applications and identify matches. On the other hand, job seekers might feel apprehension about the challenges of navigating an automated process, the lack of a human contact, and the potential risk of bias.

Minimized Bias

AI algorithms are designed based on objective data and predefined criteria.  They help to reduce the risk of unconscious bias or poor DEI and HR during the initial screening process and focus on qualifications and merit rather than personal characteristics and promoting fairness and diversity in the hiring process.

However, AI lacks the human touch and can’t evaluate interpersonal skills, cultural fit, or growth potential. Job seekers could also find it challenging to convey their unique strengths, aspirations, and character through AI processes. AI could lead to missed opportunities for those with exceptional qualities that algorithms don’t capture easily.

Human Connection Matters

Human contact connection matters more than ever.  While technology was a needed resource that helped us during the pandemic, the human connection also matters. Recruiters are in the business of connecting people to meaningful careers. So, finding the right balance that leverages technology to improve the way work is done while giving people a sense of purpose is crucial.

People are at the heart of everything we do in our daily life. By combining the opportunities and perspectives unique to humans along with technology, we can evolve as a society and industry.  The choices we make today will impact generations to come.

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