First Impression New Hire Swag

First Impression New Hire Swag

Welcome to the team

What’s that old saying?  ‘You never get a second chance to make a good first impression’.

So, making a new employee feel part of the team on the first day is very important – it is a very effective talent management tool.  But that first impression goes well beyond setting up their phones, emails, business cards, logins, and passwords. As well as making sure they have a fully stocked workstation, complete with office materials and company swag.

Prepared Orientation

A prepared first day orientation will give the new employee a better idea of company history, policies, facilities, and workstations.  Have a pizza brought in for a team lunch. Thoroughly explain their job duties and how it relates to the success of the business. Then check in at the end of the first day to help with any questions that may have come up during the day.

Positive Onboard Increase Retention

New employees that go through structured onboarding are 58% more likely to remain with the company after 36 months than those who did not. Moreover, the cost of replacing a new hire can be 3x their salary. 70% of team members who had exceptional onboarding experiences say they have ‘the best possible job’.

Goals for Success

How new hires are onboarded will determine their loyalty and success.  Managers can help to ensure their new hires will have the tools needed for success:

  • Set clear goals and measures for success.
  • Create a multi-departmental onboarding team.
  • Provide support throughout the onboarding journey.
  • Positive open communication.

Length of Onboarding

A week is hardly enough time for a new hire to become acclimated to their company, culture, and role. In fact, only 29%of new hires say they feel fully prepared and supported in their role after their onboarding experience.

Communicate Often

Communicate often to assess new employee morale and to continually evolve the new hire experience. Ask the new hire to critique the effectiveness of the onboarding process via surveys. Schedule weekly check-in sessions within the first few weeks of a new employee starting. Respond to new employee questions or concerns quickly (within one business day).

Create a mentorship program that pairs senior members of your organization with new hires to assist with career development.

The first few months for a new employee can be daunting as they adjust to company processes, new co-workers, and get situated in their new role.  A little more effort at the beginning with a new employee will create a happier and more successful experience.

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