What are your Recruiting Deliverables

What are your Recruiting Deliverables

Recruiting Deliverables

Recruitment is an integral part of human resources management because it helps organizations find new employees who are qualified for open positions.  Taking a data-driven approach to recruitment will have many advantages, including increased efficiency and improving the experience for the candidate. But first consider what metrics will work best for your company’s specific processes.


Measuring Efforts

Measuring recruiting efforts helps to identify where improvements can be made to your processes to be more streamlined and effective.  Your checklist should include, advertising job openings, applicant screening and best candidate selection for the job and company culture fit.

 Calculate ROI and CPH

One metric is the return on investment or ROI. This calculates how much you’ve invested in a candidate from time spent to onboarding costs. A successful hire will generate a positive ROI for your company.  Another way to measure recruitment success is by calculating an individual’s cost per hire (CPH). This metric is an overview of the average cost for a new hire to includes recruitment costs, onboarding, administrative costs, and benefits. And that can depend how many channels you use to advertise vacancies.  The lower the CPH, the more successful that person has been at recruiting new employees for your company.

Recruiting Deliverables

Deliverables will provide information on the advertised position as well as creating and managing vacancies in the company. They can also measure the vacancy processes from the application to acceptance or rejection.

 Create Value Deliverables

Compile assessment criteria for the open positions.  Below are some examples:

  • Prescreening questionnaire summary for review before meeting candidate.
  • Individual role questionnaire sent to hiring manager before meeting candidate.
  • Create an individual talent assessment summary of action items.
  • Create a management recommendation summary for top three qualified candidates.

Hiring Time

Increasing the speed of your hiring process will not only reduce the time it takes to find top talent  but will also help to ensure they are not snatched up by another company. The best way to make the most of your hiring process is to measure how long it takes you to move a candidate from one stage to another. This will help you find out where time and energy are being spent and where to redirect your hiring team’s efforts if needed.

The Candidate Experience

Survey your candidates’ experience.  You can improve your company’s reputation and attract top talent by improving the candidate experience so be open to their comments and suggestions.

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