Manufacturer Opens a New Facility

The Challenge
An existing customer, a tier 2 automotive supplier, was opening a new facility in a region they had not been doing business in. The new operation required the company to build a new facility and hire a workforce of over 700 people. Since everything was new, once the workers were hired, they needed to be trained. The hiring and training of employees was to be done in waves, with the first wave requiring over 500 employees and needing to be completed within two months.

The Solution
Cardinal Staffing did not have a branch in the region the customer was going to. Because we had a long-term partnership with the customer and knew we could deliver the results the customer needed, we bid on the work. After we were awarded the contract, we got busy opening a branch in the new city. We also started recruiting efforts to find the employees.

The Success
Due to Cardinal Staffing’s knowledge of the customer and their industry, we were able to quickly create a profile of the employees needed. We then leveraged our expertise in the staffing industry to begin recruiting employees. Once we found the employees, we worked with the customer to find innovative ways to train the employees and ready them for the plant opening. As a result of our efforts, we were able to not only meet the customer’s initial ramp up, we were able to meet their on-going needs and provide them with a workforce to support their growing needs.