Manufacturer Needs Help Hiring Qualified Workers

The Challenge
In the summer of 2018, a company was experiencing difficulty hiring qualified individuals, coupled with an extreme amount of turnover. The lack of employees impacted the company’s ability to staff production lines and keep up with manufacturing demands, resulting in lines being shut down. Their inability to operate all their machines negatively impacted customer relations and caused the company to lose revenue.

The Solution
This company typically hired on their own, but the tight recruiting market and lack of resources forced them to turn to a staffing agency for help. They were very disappointed in the first agency they contacted, as that agency was not able to meet their needs. Having heard of Cardinal Staffing, the company reached out to Cardinal to see if they could help.

The Success
Cardinal was quick to respond to their needs and provided exceptional customer service. Because Cardinal Staffing took the time to understand their staffing needs and skill sets, they were able to provide qualified employees in a timely manner. “Cardinal Staffing exceeded our expectations by always having candidates and sending more than enough manpower when we asked.” Cardinal has gained another loyal customer by getting to know the company and following processes and procedures that guarantee success!