Have you been ghosted after an interview? What’s your next step? Consult a psychic? Pull out the Ouija board?  Today’s job seekers are complaining about getting “ghosted” by potential employers.

Post Interview Ghosted

This refers to when a potential employer or hiring manager completely stops communicating with you after your interview.  You won’t get email replies or  answers to your follow up voicemails and no returned phone calls. You’ve been Ghosted!

Ghosting on the Rise

Recently, this practice has been on the rise. In fact, a survey by job aggregation site Indeed reveals that 77% of job seekers say a prospective employer has ghosted them since the onset of the pandemic and the number of job seekers voicing concern about this is up 208% since 2019, per the research.  And 10% reported that an employer ghosted them even after the company made a verbal job offer.

More than 60% said that receiving feedback during the interview process, even if they did not receive a job offer, would make them more inclined to apply to future jobs at that company.

 Prevent Being Ghosted: During the Interview

Most interviews end with the hiring manager asking if you have any questions. If they do, this is a great time to ask about the hiring timeline. If they don’t invite an inquiry, take the initiative, and ask for their intentions in one of these polite, but direct ways:

  • Do you have a deadline for the hiring decision?
  • What is the next step in the interview process?
  • When should I expect to hear back from you?
  • Do you have a start date deadline?

Be Thankful

Be thankful that you got as far as an interview.  Many candidates don’t make it that far.  So be sure to show your appreciation for the time they gave during your interview and send a thank you afterward. It is the gracious thing to do, and it makes you look professional.


If you asked about their hiring timeline in your interview and it’s getting close or the deadline has passed, you should send another follow up  email.  Politely mention that you remember the deadline that was discussed and you are excited to hear from them and progressing to the next stage of the interview process. Ask if they need any additional information from you to make their decision. This shows enthusiasm and initiative and will jog their memory if your info has slipped through the cracks.

If you have been ghosted, don’t let it affect your ego. Move on and continue your job search until you find a company that’s a better fit.  And while you’re waiting for a response, don’t stop sending out resumes and go on other interviews. You never know when a better opportunity will present itself.

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