Congrats – Now the Transition

Tips for a First time manager

Congrats Now Transition

As your career advances, it’s likely that you’ll experience managing people who were formerly your peers and friends. Try to remember that your transition will likely be as uncomfortable for your team as it is for you.

This type of transition can be challenging even for the most accomplished and talented folks. It will likely mean learning new skill sets, facing new tasks, behaviors, develop new abilities, and to drive a favorable outcome for your team.

Acknowledge the Transition

Meet with each direct report individually to re-establish roles. Talk about your leadership style, ask about their work strengths and how you can help them thrive at work. Work with your boss to develop a good working relationship.

Leverage Team Strengths

A benefit of being the boss of a team you have already been a part of is that you will likely understand the team’s strengths.  You will have a big advantage because people knew and (ideally) trusted you before you became their boss.

Don’t do – Delegate

Not delegating will hurt you, your team, zap your energies and the broader company mission. And it won’t allow your employees to develop.  It will also suck up your time and energy for strategic thinking, planning, and managing your team.

Coaching and Development

Developing your staff and having the trust and respect of your team is very important. Part of being a good leader is providing guidance for your team that will generate performance improvements.  Not chastising employees for their mistakes.

Time Management

As a staffer, you just needed to please your supervisor. When you become a supervisor, you need to manage your time, lead your team, monitor budgets and work to achieve broader company goals.  Asking for help is not a weakness, it is a strength.  Find a trusted mentor to ask questions, for guidance, or just to toss around ideas.

Remember there was a good reason why you got this promotion so trust yourself when you do select how you will implement what you’ve learned.

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