Finding Gratitude in a “Stepping Stone” Opportunity

Not every job will be your “dream job.” Some positions you’ll accept will be stepping-stone positions, or those that merely serve as a bridge to your next role. And that’s perfectly okay! You can still find gratitude in a job that may not be your dream position. Here are some benefits that may bring you… Read More »

EQ Leadership Skills

The technical skills that helped secure your first promotion might not guarantee your next. If a leadership role is what you aspire to, there is an emotional element you need to consider. While IQ measures a person’s knowledge and problem-solving skills, EQ focuses on their emotional awareness and their skills. Emotional Understanding When it comes… Read More »

Congrats – Now the Transition

Tips for a First time manager

As your career advances, it’s likely that you’ll experience managing people who were formerly your peers and friends. Try to remember that your transition will likely be as uncomfortable for your team as it is for you. This type of transition can be challenging even for the most accomplished and talented folks. It will likely mean… Read More »