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Why do I write about #SocialEnvy today?  These are my thoughts.  In this current age of social media, it can feel as though the people we follow have everything figured out. It’s easier to fall into a negativity loop caused by constantly comparing ourselves to other people when their seemingly perfect lives turn up in our timeline.  Envy is related to a ‘perceived’ fairness and identity.

The Age of Envy

We live in the age of envy. Career envy, house envy, car envy, neighborhood envy.  The list can go on and on. You name it and there’s an envy for it. Human beings have always felt what Aristotle defined in the 4th century BC as ‘pain at the sight of another’s good fortune’, stirred by “those who have what we ought to have”.  However it took another thousand years before it got onto Pope Gregory’s list of the seven deadly sins.  Despite being one of the seven deadly sins, envy is not openly discussed.  It seems almost taboo.

People Differ

Of course, what people want differs. You might covet recognition or a particular job title. Due to circumstances, lack of ability or financial means, you might simply be unable to attain your goal.  A 2020 Harvard Business Review study showed 75% of people admit to career envy. And with millions of Google searches on the subject, it’s a real problem. But by recognizing and understanding its roots, you can contain its destructive impact on professional decisions.

Career Envy

If you find yourself constantly comparing your career to others, you may succumb to the painful sensation of envy.  Though envy can be motivating for some, for others, it may sabotage their chances of success.  Shift from envy to curiosity.  Move toward, not away from, those you envy.  View and review your career like a portfolio of investments, not a job.

Stop allowing someone else’s accomplishments to make you feel inferior.  Stop yourself from feeling it.  You are important.  Work on your goals.  Only you can change your situation. You are enough! You can do it.

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