Is it Passion or a Job?

Is it Passion or a Job?

Passion or a Job

Is it passion or a job? Remember back when we were kids?  You would just do things.  And never thought, “Do I want to be a cheerleader OR do I want to PLAY basketball?” We built sandcastles, played tag, asked silly questions, played with our pets, and pretended to be a rock star or a doctor.

Follow Your Passion

“Just follow your passion!”  You’ve heard it before.  Even from well-meaning family members, guidance counselors, online motivational speakers, and heck – even from Disney movies.  And yes, of course you’d love to follow this advice, if you only knew what your passion really was!

Perspective and next steps

Do you feel stuck?  These 4 steps just might help you discover what you really want to do with your life.  Take some time and work through the process.  And know that no matter what, you will be getting closer to where you want to be.

1. The right perspective

If you are convinced that finding your passion is hard, you will remain closed to possibilities. You will block the little nudges and signals that guide us. Instead, choose to have the perspective that you can do what you love, and you will find your passion. One of the best ways to strengthen this point of view is to surround yourself with and talk to people who are living examples.

2. Do what you already have enjoyed

If you scan the landscape of your life, you will notice some experiences peak above the horizon. Take a deep dive into these “peak moments.”  So, think of all of these experiences that you have loved the most. Think about what made them so fulfilling. Was it a job you loved?  What kind of work did you do and what kind of environment was it?  Moreover, what was most exciting and/or satisfying about it?   Look for certain themes that come up a lot or that you feel strongly about.  These are your key ingredients.

3. Tie the things you like together

How can you construct your career base on these things? What kind of career would allow you to incorporate as many of your ingredients as you can?  Don’t just look at job duties.  Look at work environments, company missions and goals and even how this career would fit into the life you want outside of work.

4. Find your right next step

Find your version of brave. What risks work for you?  Maybe you don’t have the option to leave your job with a guaranteed income, but maybe you can enroll in a class connected to your passion.  Or look for a new job that helps you gain a skill you might need to reach our goal.

Expand your comfort zone without leaving it. Remember with a little self-reflection, goal setting and dedicated work, your passion career is ahead of you.

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