Spotlight Series-Recruiter Northwood

Spotlight Series-Recruiter Northwood

Recruiter Northwood

Seng Brown, Recruiter

2515 Oregon Rd

Northwood, Ohio 43619

Office: 419-666-8500 ext. 3108

Meet Seng Brown.  She is next in our Spotlight Series-Recruiter Northwood.  Seng is a refugee from Laos, escaping with her family from this war-torn country in 1980 and arrived in America in 1981.  Seng and family have lived in the Toledo area since then and she graduated from Waite High School.  She joined the Cardinal Staffing family in September of 2021.

Knowing is Understanding

As a refugee family the first few years in the Toledo area was difficult for Seng and her family.  Because of this she strongly believes, “I can relate to our candidates because I grew up where many of them currently live.  Knowing that, I think makes me a better recruiter.”  She understands what a good job really means to a family.

Team Northwood

Seng was super excited for the opportunity to be a recruiter and be part of Cardinal Staffing.  Smiling Seng said, “I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to give back. This was the chance to help people better their lives. And I wanted to help them get a job and create a brighter future for themselves.”

The Cardinal Culture Alive and Well

Seng knows she is part of a great team!  Seng lives and breathes the Cardinal Culture.  She plays an important part to the success of Northwood Branch office.   And she takes a tremendous amount of pride in her work.  Seng strives for success for the candidates, herself, and those around her. Seng stated, “I genuinely want help the candidate find a job. It makes me happy to see them get hired into a company.”  Her humor and warm personality are admired by all that meet her.

Down Time is Family Time

Seng is a proud mom of two boys. An 18-year-old and 22-year-old.  ‘My boys are my world. I’m trying to figure life out with them being adults.’  She loves spending time with her family on the weekends.  Just hanging out and have family dinners.  She loves to be near water.  Doesn’t matter if it is a lake, river, or ocean.  ‘Water just soothes my soul. It calms me when I’m feeling stressed.’

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