Responsive Leadership

Responsive Leadership


2020 Pandemic

The 2020 pandemic caught us all off-guard.  And brought many unexpected challenges that we had never faced before. Workplaces were shaken. And the way we get things done has changed forever.  Now a responsive manager will succeed by building bonds of respect and trust with those around him/her.   In other words, they focus on the people inside their organization to achieve success.

What is responsive leadership?

Todays Responsive leadership focuses on the people.  That is to say, the humanity inside the organization to achieve its success. They also recognize the fluctuating nature of business by reacting quickly to new challenges.  They will also go one step further. By anticipating problems that could come up.  Then taking the proactive measures to correct them.

The 4 Leadership Attributes…

Curiosity: The Desire to Continuously Learn

Curiosity will play a critical role in steering an organization.  The culture of continuous learning can boost organizational creativity and innovation.  As a result, a leader’s curious mind will seek knowledge and understanding from a many different sources.  Sources can include outside experts, subordinates, peers, experts, and trusted advisors.

Empathy: Appreciate Other’s Feelings

The ability to understand the feelings of others will help keep leaders in touch.  And as the organization tackles problems, empathizing will also help to create solutions. Empathy is essential to workplace cooperation as well as its productivity.  The ability to empathize during a crisis will help build trust and confidence in the organization’s leaders.

Humility: The Reality that We Cannot Go It Alone

Never underestimate the power of humility. Humility opens the door for good leaders.  Good leaders are not afraid to surround themselves with highly competent people.  Or with people that might be even smarter than themselves.  In short, employees will respond more effectively to a “humble” leader.

Resilience: To Keep Going Forward in the Face of Adversity

Every leader will face adversity at some point in their career.  The hardest challenge is the ability to rebound from a setback.  It’s important for the resilient leader “not to take it personal.” Recovering from a setback, will also help with your personal recovery process.

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