Multicultural Workplace

Multicultural Workplace We are surrounded by cultural diversity in our daily lives. From global product trends, cuisines, and to the clothes we wear. Even our workplaces are culturally diverse. In fact, cultural diversity in the workplace will drive innovation, creative thinking, and offers new perspectives to challenges that arise. The secret’s out, a great company culture and a multicultural workplace… Read More »

Diversity Hiring

Diversity Hiring These days, it’s rare that you land on a career page and don’t see the words “diversity and inclusion.” In recent years, diversity hiring has become a more relevant and pressing issue.  A diverse team contribute better ideas, craft more creative and effective solutions, and ultimately benefit companies’ bottom lines. But, if it’s not… Read More »

Global Diversity Awareness

Global Diversity Awareness October brings us Global Diversity Awareness Month.  This should remind us of the positive impact of what a diverse workforce can have on society. More and more, the world becomes a place where cultures and customs come together.  Though at times we might be uncertain about what is appropriate, there is an… Read More »