A Case for Us

A Case for Us

Cardinal Staffing Services

Today I want to talk about the Pros and Cons of staffing agencies and why Cardinal Staffing Services should be your staffing partner.

We obviously feel there is a sound advantage for using a staffing agency, but here is list of some pros and cons to help you make a more informed decision when accessing your company’s staffing needs.

Quick response to needs

Go-about your company’s core functions and the staffing agency will schedule a worker for a short or long-term assignment.

    1. CON: Client company may have little time to train the contingent worker, so the typical learning curve time requires adjustment.

Cardinal: Takes time to fully understand the open position and culture of our client companies so when placing a worker, the downtime is considerably less.

Reduce time to hire

Companies no longer need to sift through hundreds of unqualified applicants or uninterested candidates. Check references, screening candidate qualifications, shortlisting potential hires with background checks and drug-screened waiting to be placed.

    1. CON: Internal employees and contingent workers may have a short-term view of each other resulting in reduced team bonding and interpersonal interaction.

Cardinal: Having a thorough knowledge of client’s facilities, product knowledge, KPIs, deliverables, and cultural our placements are ready to go day one hour one.

Extensive Talent Pools

Staffing agencies spend each hour of the day building a database of workers.

    1. CON: The staffing agency doesn’t know your company culture and brand and may not present the job as well as the company’s internal recruiters.

Cardinal: We don’t just work with our clients. We partner with them. So, we know their brand-worth and culture and with that knowledge source our various channels to find the best qualified top-tiered candidates to fill their needs.

Reduce overhead costs

A staffing agency cuts upfront costs used to market, find, and attract talent. As well as, reducing overhead costs associated with benefits, onboarding and overtime associated with internal employees.

    1. CON: Not all staffing agencies spend time and resources to develop and nurtures strong candidate networks.

Cardinal: Just one call will connect you to experienced recruiters who have access to a large group of candidates through top sourcing networks for the perfect person to fill our clients’ needs. We collect all upfront onboarding paperwork and documentation, so they are ready to work the minute they arrive.

Emergencies, Challenges, and Issues

They happen to everyone. Since the worker is the ‘employee’ of the staffing agency be sure to fully understand how challenges are managed.

    1. CON: For some staffing agencies after hours emergencies are handled by leaving a voicemail and waiting for a returned call.

Cardinal: We are there for our clients 24/7. We know emergencies come up.  So, we are there for you when you need us.

Though working with staffing agencies is not always a perfect solution, the benefits far outweigh the drawbacks.  Contingent workers can be a great enhancement to your workforce while reducing the burden on your company’s internal workforce, ensuring projects are completed on time and within budget.

Cardinal Staffing – Finding jobs since 1994

Cardinal Staffing provides automotive, industrial, skilled trades, administrative, and professional candidates with career opportunities at top employers. Reach out to your local Cardinal Staffing office to hear more about current offerings or for job postings .  If you are ready for the job that’s truly right for you, Cardinal will find it. – We’re waiting to hear from you.

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