Mobile Recruiting

Mobile Recruiting

Mobile Recruiting

Mobile Recruiting

Mobile recruiting is great for reaching out to job seekers and taking them through the application process via their mobile devices. It seems simple, but doing it well takes more than just a mobile-friendly website. 54% of GenZ candidates will pass by a business if the recruiting methods are difficult and not user friendly.

Adaptive and Flexible

In today’s fast-paced recruiting world recruiters must be more flexible, adaptive, and innovative to attract top talent than ever before.  Mobile apps and social recruiting help today’s recruiters by making the processes more efficient and much more streamlined. They provide recruiters with the ability to work smarter and respond quickly to candidates.

Clear Job Ad

Finding employees using mobile recruitment requires many of the same job advertising skills as any other recruiting style. Have a clear job ad with strong keywords that will help candidates find it in a search. Ensure your ‘About’ page and social media feeds showcase your company in its best light. Take out any unneeded steps that lengthen the application process on your mobile app.


Geo-targeted job ads are a type of online advertising that target potential employees in a specific geographic area. This can be done through online job boards, social media, and other online platforms.  Geo-targeting benefits both employers and jobseekers because it allows employers to reach a larger pool of candidates, and jobseekers can search for jobs in their specific geographic area.

Mobile Comm Options

Sometimes, applicants want to know more before going through the application process. Since the majority of Americans own a smartphone, it’s important for businesses to communicate with job seekers in a mobile-friendly way. This makes it easier for the jobseekers to find and apply for jobs on-the-go and reach out in case of questions.

Texting the Way

Also consider communicating with job seekers via text messages. Text messages have a high open rate, plus users are more likely to read a text message before an email.  Because of this it is more likely to reach candidates by sending them a text message. Remember to keep your messages clear and concise.

Down to Business

A few years ago, mobile applications surpassed desktop applications for the first time. Organizations can’t ignore mobile recruiting, especially if the company is looking for the next generation of employees.  Remember: To get the most out of your mobile recruiting strategy, simplify the application process and allow documents to be sent via mobile, and also allow communications via text.

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