First 30 days on a new Job

1st 30 days on a new job

First 30 days on a new Job

1st 30 days

You worked hard to create connections and make a positive impression during  job interviews.  Maintain that same energy in your first 30 days at your new job.  Think of the first 30 days of employment as an absorption period.  All new hires learn key information that will set them up for success within a company.

First Day Impressions

Tomorrow is the first day of your new job at a new company.  It is perfectly normal to feel both excitement and be anxious.  After all, it’s your first day in a new job. Often the first 30 days is a probationary period.  And it’s where you will need to learn the ropes quickly and ensure you make the right first impression.

Build Relationships

When you enter a new workplace, meeting many new people each day can be overwhelming.  Be curious and ask questions each time you meet a new colleague.  Remembering names and details can be overwhelming in a new workplace so take notes. Not in your phone because it can appear that you’re not paying attention.  Focus on building a trusting, good relationship with your boss. Bring along a notebook, note names, jobs, co-worker’s personal details so you can continue an authentic and engaged relationship going forward.

Define success in your role

Once you have charted your 30 day plan with your supervisor, your next objective is to clearly define success in your new role and how it will be measured. Communicate directly with your boss to identify the metrics you’ll be measured by to be clear on the expectations and results you’ll be held accountable for.

As you actively work to align yourself with your boss’s expectations, you’re winning their buy-in and support, turning them into your advocate and ally.

Identify Success Stories

Identify coworkers who are successful in those same metrics you are being held accountable for and learn how you can a successful like them. Initiate casual conversations where you can ask questions and solicit advice. See if you can do a side-by-side and learn from them in action.

You Have the Skills for Success Now

By this point, you’re ready to establish goals for yourself. Push towards projects that deliver value for your new employer while stretching your professional capacity. This type of energetic and proactive workplace contribution makes you a successful contributor to the team.

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