Recruitment VS Talent Acquisition

Recruitment VS Talent Acquisition

talent acquisition

What is the recruitment vs talent acquisition difference?   The key difference is in seeing the bigger picture. That is to say, recruiting primarily fulfills a current hiring need, and the recruiter closes a vacancy.  Talent acquisition is more of an ongoing strategy.

HR Terminology

The entire terminology formed around the Human Resources domain seems to be packed with synonymous phrases and similar occupations.  People might think that recruitment and talent acquisition are the same.  For example, they might shared similarities, but these hiring tactics are not identical twins. So, what does recruiting VS talent acquisition mean? Which one should you practice – and when?

Talent Acquisition

Talent acquisition is larger than any one position or moment in time. Whereas recruitment tends to be reactive. Talent acquisition is similar to recruitment, in the sense that it shares the same aim of finding the best people to work for your company.


Recruitment is about filling vacancies. It is a short-term strategy to fill vacancies.  Talent acquisition is an ongoing strategy.  Moreover, talent acquisition tends to focus on long-term human resources planning and finding appropriate candidates for positions that require very specific skillsets.

Reputation and Culture

When it comes to successful recruiting and talent acquisition strategies, there are quite a few similarities you can focus on. Firstly, work on your company’s reputation and culture.  Secondly, then make sure that your prospective pool of talent recognizes your worth.  And, be consistent about it and never stop developing new tactics to boost hiring and all related processes.  Moreover, know what tools and channels work best for your company and use them. Lastly, rely on technology to shorten the hiring process and ease of everything.

Strengthen from Within

Strengthen your company from within. Here are some tips to help clarify the difference between recruiting vs talent acquisition includes:

  • Keep an eye on the competition and know the market trends, stats, and gaps.
  • Teach your recruiters and hiring managers to stay engaged with applicants and passive talent.
  • Encourage employees to recommend former colleagues and acquaintances for new job openings.
  • Stay agile and flexible.

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