Is it Imagination or Vision

Is it Imagination or Vision


Does a leader of an organization use imagination or a vision for the company? As nouns, the difference between imagination and vision is that imagination is the act of creating or reproducing ideally an object not previously perceived and vision is the sense or ability of sight.  As a verb, vision is to imagine something as if it were to be true.

Imagination Is Your Key to Success

Imagination is mostly associated with daydreaming, wishing and illusion. Most people would not associate it with success, achievement and practical people, a lot likely consider it impractical. But, this is completely wrong.  Imagination is one of the most important keys to success. Every ambition, goal and plan starts in the mind, in the imagination, and only later, turns into reality.

Goals Imagined

Imagination is the key to success, since everything you create, build or achieve begins in the imagination. When you imagine a certain object, situation or goal, day after day, the mental image you build will gain power and will be in your mind most of time, even when you are not aware of it. This will drive you to search for information about the goal, make you aware of opportunities concerning it, and become motivated to accomplish what you are imagining.

What Makes a Good Vision for a Company

A vision is future oriented. What the organization will look like, feel like, think and say in the future. A vision should unite the organization and provide a stable, transcendent goal. A company’s vision should avoid using jargon and buzz words and should instead use understandable terminology.

Crafting A Vision

Crafting a powerful vision is often considered an essential condition of great leadership, but it’s only the first step. How can leaders translate that vision into reality?  This process that can take years.  Meanwhile a rapidly changing business can distract from the overall vision of the company. Here are 3 approaches that might help:

  1. Structure strategic planning processes around the vision, rather than letting it be an afterthought.
  2. Focus on questions that are relevant to the long-term vision of the company.
  3. Invest in training programs to help employees embrace the mindset and the skills needed to execute and promote the vision.

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