Boss vs Leader

Boss vs Leader

Boss vs LeaderManage or Engage?

Boss vs leader?  Manage or engage?  At some point in our careers, many of us will be in a position of having people that report to us. It’s a mark of some professional success. But what style do we use to engage with our teams?  Just how do we manage or engage our teams?

Differences Between a Boss/Manager and a Leader

So, why is there a difference between management and leadership? Both are supervisors.  But, is it possible for management and leadership to overlap?  The short answer is: Yes, absolutely. Managers are usually supervisors but not all managers are considered leaders.  On the other hand, a leader will keep the organizational goals in mind.  And, will then work with all of the employees to achieve its success. Whereas a manager will typically focus on accomplishing a set of goals with a specific group or team.


Management consists of controlling a group or a set of entities to accomplish a goal,” says Vineet Nayar in Harvard Business Review. “Leadership refers to an individual’s ability to influence, motivate, and then enables others to contribute toward the organizational success.”

Leaders Inspire

In contrast to being a boss or a manager, a leader is someone who can inspire teams to work toward future goals. They are able to motivate teams and explains why those goals matter to them personally. Leaders will also focus on building the very best team. And wherever possible they will hire high-achieving ‘superstars.’   Most importantly, leaders know what work needs to get done.  And will then delegate to  managers who will then decide how that work can be accomplished.

What is Your Style?

So, what is your current approach to engaging your team?  Are you a boss, a manager, or a leader? Finding that perfect mix and what style your team responds to best, may take some time.  But your team and your organization will benefit by you asking, and answering that question.

Core Qualities

Look for these five core qualities of a leaderA Leader will…

  1. Inspire others
  2. Recognize employee success
  3. Demonstrates integrity
  4. Communicates decisively
  5. Shares the company vision

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