Acts of Kindness

Acts of Kindness

Acts of Kindness


We all want to be kind.  But how can we show acts of kindness if we work remotely?  This was a difficult question even before the global pandemic.  But trying to handle our daily stresses and with trying to have a ‘work-life balance’,  showing small acts of kindness can seem just to impossible.

The Benefits of Kindness

A commitment to be kind can bring you many benefits. First, kindness at work can be helpful to our colleagues.  Also, it helps to reduce burnout and absenteeism when your recognized at work.  And receiving a compliment, praise or words of recognition, helps to make people feel more fulfilled.

But, we are so hesitant to give compliments. Why is that?  We just assume people are uncomfortable with receiving a compliment, but, the opposite is true.

Office Life

Today’s workplace has been transformed into daily online meetings.  For the remote workforce, when days seems to be measured by back-to-back Zoom meetings, just taking a shower can feel like a win.  And for many, for a colleague to say, “Thank you so much” in the hallway, or a manager says “Great job” after a presentation can be the highlight of their office life for the day.

Bringing Kindness to Work

But how can leaders promote kindness in a remote workplace? First, they can lead by example.  By giving compliments and praise to employees, leaders will motivate and create norms of kindness in teams. Second, set aside some time in Zoom meetings for a “kindness round,” to acknowledge each other’s work. Third, the power of kindness is an essential leadership skill that can cascade through people and can change the culture of the workplace along the way.

When leaders and employees act kindly towards each other, they facilitate a culture of collaboration and innovation.  Being kind is a commitment…

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