June is National Safety Month

June is National Safety Month

National Safety Month 2

National Safety Month is celebrated in June.  It’s a time when people can focus on how they can keep our environment safe and free from danger.  And, its a time to reflect on the working conditions and how we can create a safer environment.


History of National Safety Month

The National Safety Council (NSC) is the founder of National Safety Month.  NSC declared June as National Safety Month in 1996.  Their aim is to spread awareness of safety hazards and unintentional injuries to workers in the U.S.

Arnold Toynbee was the first to use the term “industrial Revolution” in the late 18th century.  He brought awareness to the safety of workers in coal mines, as well as, the textile industry.  During that period, workers were not given enough space to work safely.  And, were often given hot and dangerous equipment to work with.  For example, textile workers were required to work more than 10 hours daily, for minimum wages until laws were passed in 1877.

The Importance of National Safety Month

The NSC selects 4 different types of health and safety issues each year.  As a result, dedicates one week to each issue, such as emergency preparedness, wellness, falls and driving.

It’s Time – Stay Prepared

Conduct a home fire drill

Fire is highly likely.  However, taking precautionary measures can prevent severe damage.  Don’t forget to test your fire alarms and perform a fire drill.  Select a safety point that’s close to your house.

Update Your First Aid Kit

Keep an updated first aid kit.  It’s an effective way to keep yourself prepared for emergencies.  Make sure to stock it with dressings, bandages.  Secondly, be sure your kit includes tape, ointments, wipes, aspirin, gloves, scissors, and gauze pads.  Lastly, be sure to check the first aid kit regularly and throw out any out dated ointments and medications.

Practice Self Defense

It’s good to be mentally and physically prepared to face any harm or danger.  The best part about self defense is that anyone, at any age can learn it.  Anyone who needs to improve their strength and agility can take any one of many self-defense classes.

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