Spotlight Series – Recruiter – Sandusky


Spotlight Series – Recruiter – Sandusky

Sandra Gebard, Recruiter, Sandusky

2904 Milan Rd, Ste A

Sandusky, Ohio 44870

419-515-2515 ext. 6103

Spotlight Series – Recruiter Sandusky

Next in our Spotlight Series – Recruiter  Sandusky.  Meet Sandra Gebard, who is the recruiter in our Sandusky branch office.  Sandra joined the Cardinal family in 2021. She brings her ‘A game’ to work every day with her warm smile and easy-going personality.

Proven Customer Service Background

Working with the public for over 15 years has given Sandra a tremendous amount of customer service experience.  Sandra takes time with every candidate she touches, creating a personal connection with each one.  She gets a better understanding on which client company and what position would be that ‘perfect fit’.  Sandusky’s clients know that her passion for building and nurturing relationships will result in the right person for their job.

Desire to Succeed

Her desire to learn and provide 5-Star customer service is reflected each day in her work performance. Sandra is a true recruiter at heart.  She loves to help polish candidate’s skills and resumes, so they can become the next rock star at their new position.  Sandra has a knack for keeping things in perspective and embracing the many challenges that come her way.  Her team loves how she can turn negatives to a positive and her ability to make us all smile.

Balancing Life and Work

Sandra is a very proud mom of 4 very active children.  Balancing all 4 kids keep her on her toes.  Sandra loves to travel.   She loves visiting her family in Florida where she hopes to someday live by the ocean and be on the beach every day.

Cardinal Staffing Services – Our Hiring Process

  1. Apply to a job online OR in person at a local branch
  2. Meet with one of our recruiters.
  3. Some basic skills testing, if applicable.
  4. Drug screen and background check, when applicable.
  5. Assignment given with start date, time, and location.

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