First Days of a New Job

Congrats on your new job

First Days of a New Job

The first days of a new job can be scary.  In fact when you are facing a sea of strange faces and adjusting to a new company culture, it’s best to have a game plan. Here are some tried-and-true ways you can set yourself up for success in the first days of a new job or your new role:

Make A Good Impression

It’s hard to change people’s initial impression of you, so, it’s important on those first days of a new job, to make a good one. In fact, it never hurts to be the early one. Most importantly, you will then have extra time to prepare for the day. Be sure when you do introduce yourself, you don’t just focus on the what you did on your previous job, include the why.  Make sure you talk about why you chose this job or company.  By engaging conversations this way, you will leave a positive and lasting impression.

Ask Lots of Questions 

Make sure to pay attention in meetings and take notes. Ask your manager or coworkers questions throughout the day from notes you took. Moreover, asking questions shows you have a strong willingness to learn.  And, you need to understand the business quickly.   In short, whenever you are in doubt, ask a question. By doing this, you will get up to speed much faster than trying to figure it out on your own.

Start Building Relationships 

The most important part of any workplace is the people.  Therefore, start building relationships during your first week on the job by introducing yourself to as many colleagues as you can. Whatever the size of your new workplace, seek out a friend early on, to be  a reference point for questions and support.

Managing Manager Expectations

A key to being successful in any job is managing your manager. To do this well, you need to understand what/how they are being measured.  That is to say, maybe, there’s one metric they are held to. On the other hand, it could be more about their team’s performance or collaboration. Consequently, whatever it is, if you can understand what your manager cares about most, you will increase your chances of forming a stronger relationship with them.

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