Workplace Bullying

Workplace Bullying

Workplace Bullying

As Stress Awareness Month winds down, I want to take this opportunity to touch on the stress of workplace bullying.   There is a new report from the Chartered Institute of Personnel Development (CIPD) which says, a quarter of employees believe bullying and harassment are being overlooked.   Cardinal Staffing is committed to providing a work environment that reduces the stress of workplace bullying, or the feeling that it is being overlooked.  Our zero-tolerance policy creates a work environment where people are treated with dignity, respect and empathy.

What To Do


If you feel you are being bullied: 

  • Ask that person to stop the unwanted behavior.
  • Report the situation to a supervisor.  Or to the next person in the chain of command. Or even the Human Resources  department (HR).
  • Keep notes detailing the nature of the bullying. Such as, dates, times/places, what was said, who was present.
  • Obtain copies of the harassing/bullying paperwork. After that, keep copies of all documents that would contradict the bully’s accusations against you (e.g., time sheets, audit reports, etc.).
  • Have a witness with you during any meetings with the bully. To clarify, report the behavior to an appropriate person.

Employee Support:

  • When you witness someone being bullied, show support and empathy for that individual.  Most importantly, let a supervisor or HR know if/and when the situation persists.

When Bullying is Witnessed or Reported

Your Employer Should:

  • Take the complaint and/or situation seriously. Then begin the investigation promptly.
  • Address the behavior during the investigation by stating specific examples. Clarifying the behavior/actions being perceived as bullying, and impact it has on others.
  • Then assess the extent and the pervasiveness of the bullying.
  • Always consult with HR on the appropriate next steps.

 Cardinal Staffing – Zero Tolerance

Since 1994, Cardinal Staffing has been building partnerships with our client companies and candidates looking for a job.  Our database of thousands of candidates includes all levels of talent and ability. Our Zero-Tolerance Policy ensures a workplace free of bullying or harassment.   We match each candidate and job opportunity based on skills, expertise, overall capabilities, providing a work environment that is safe.  Contact us today we are here to help.

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