How to build a better Resume

Keep an updated resume'

It has been said that when a hiring manager is looking at resumes, they spend less than 10 seconds looking at each one. That is not a lot of time for your resume to stand out. Here are some basic tips to help your resume stand out:

  • Cover the Basics – You want to accurately represent your relevant skills and accomplishments.
    • List educational degrees, certifications, and licenses
    • List work and volunteer experience. You don’t need to list everything, just what you think is most relevant to the position you are applying for. Also, focus on achievements over responsibilities.
    • Lists skills and the level of mastery – i.e. are you familiar with a program or an expert
  • Keep it Simple – Make the resume easy to read
    • The font should be professional and easy to read
    • Make it short and to the point
    • Include only key and relevant information
    • Keep white space to a minimum
  • Use Keywords – Use words that are relevant for the job you are applying for
    • Prioritize important information higher on the resume to draw attention to key skills
    • Use “Power Words” like earned, achieved, and accomplished
    • Avoid words that employers expect you to be – hard worker, team player, results driven, proactive, self-motivated
  • Proofread and Edit – nothing flags a resume like a misspelled word
    • Check spelling and grammar several times
    • Have someone else read the resume before you finalize it

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