Don’t Let the Heat Bring you down!

For many of us, it has been a long winter and we are ready for some sun and warmth. While we will enjoy the warmer weather, that will lead to summer and the sizzle that comes with it. For those new to the manufacturing world in the Midwest, you may be in for a big surprise at your place of work. In many of the workplaces, air conditioning is not available on the plant floor. This can lead to some hot and potentially uncomfortable conditions at work. To help combat the heat, here are some tips to staying cool at work:

  • Drink plenty of water, even outside of work
  • Limit caffeine and alcohol during off hours—dehydrating yourself outside of work will impact your health and performance while on the clock
  • Remember to bring cold water to work – freeze a partial bottle overnight and top off in the morning with cold water
  • When facilities get warm, take advantage of meal and break periods to rest in climate controlled break rooms if available. If not, find a place with plenty of shade.
  • Don’t overdo it the day before coming back in. Try to space out your yard work or heavy physical activities over a couple of days to give yourself enough time to rest in between
  • Make sure your coworkers feel well, assist with anyone who seems unwell
  • Watch the weather forecast to be prepared for conditions at your work site
  • If working outside, remember to bring sunscreen and reapply throughout the day
  • Wear a hat if possible and loose fitting, lighter colored clothing
  • Make sure to pack your lunch in a cooler or bring nonperishable foods
  • After the heat has passed, continue to hydrate
  • Take extra time to recover from working in the heat



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