Interviewing In This Market Doesn’t Matter, Does It?

You have an interview for a manufacturing job tomorrow. Since the labor market is tight, you don’t need to be prepared. They need you more than you need them. You can just roll out of bed, show up, and the job will be yours, right? Absolutely not! Even though the job market is tight, a bad hire can cost a company more than not hiring someone. A company wants to make sure the employee will be a good fit. To that end, here are some tips when interviewing for a manufacturing job:


  • Resume – you may not think it is necessary, but many manufacturing employers require a resume. Make sure you have one. Employers are looking for recent and relevant experience. Ideally they like to see steady employment over the last few years.
  • Dress Right – pajamas and sweat pants are not appropriate attire for an interview. Dress to create a good first impression. Wear clean clothes with no holes in them. Make sure to do/comb your hair as well. If the customer also holds an orientation, remember that can be part of the interview process. Dress to impress!
  • Attitude – your attitude can be more important than your skill set. Companies want a team player, who is willing to listen and learn. Make sure your attitude reflects the success you want to have.
  • Communicate – sometimes keeping your commitment for an interview is impossible. In that case, let the employer know that you can’t make it. Also, if you accept a job but later decide against starting, let the employer know. In many communities word gets around and you never know if you might want to work at the employer in the future. A text doesn’t take long and preserves the bridge.

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