It is my pleasure to share the experiences I have had with Cardinal Staffing.

I have only been affiliated with Cardinal since the beginning of 2019. When we 1st met to talk about the needs of getting us staffed up, they made me feel hopeful they would deliver what they promised. They understood what I was looking for & actually welcomed my forwardness & comments on my reluctance of compliance. I had been struggling getting the “right” employees that would work long term and be the right fit.

In just 3 months I am now fully staffed with the quality people I had hope to get. The work put in & the understanding of what was needed I believe I have the long term folks with the personalities & work ethic needed for us to move forward in a productive, safe environment.

Cardinal played a key role in this success. The professional way business is conducted, the organization portrayed and timely responses are all successful traits and I felt all of these with Cardinal.

I would recommend this staffing agency over any other I have worked with due to the results I have experienced, and the friendly efficient communication & interactions.

Deb T., Production Lead Supervisor