It is my pleasure to share the experiences I have had with Cardinal Staffing.

I have only been affiliated with Cardinal since the beginning of 2019. When we 1st met to talk about the needs of getting us staffed up, they made me feel hopeful they would deliver what they promised. They understood what I was looking for & actually welcomed my forwardness & comments on my reluctance of compliance. I had been struggling getting the “right” employees that would work long term and be the right fit.

In just 3 months I am now fully staffed with the quality people I had hope to get. The work put in & the understanding of what was needed I believe I have the long term folks with the personalities & work ethic needed for us to move forward in a productive, safe environment.

Cardinal played a key role in this success. The professional way business is conducted, the organization portrayed and timely responses are all successful traits and I felt all of these with Cardinal.

I would recommend this staffing agency over any other I have worked with due to the results I have experienced, and the friendly efficient communication & interactions.

Deb T., Production Lead Supervisor

In the summer of 2018, we had extreme turnover along with additional manpower requirements. Normally we hire through the Job Store, employee referrals, and walk in applications. It was continuing to be more difficult recruiting on our own so we turned to temporary direct hiring. Our first Temporary agency couldn’t keep up with us so we reached out to Cardinal Staffing. Cardinal Staffing exceeded our expectations by always having candidates and sending more than enough manpower when we asked.
They were very easy to work with and accommodated our requirements every time.
Thank you Cardinal Staffing for meeting and exceeding our requirements.

Lucy M., Human Resources Manager

We don’t often use temp agencies but for our recent project we needed to get a temp fast!!! We found Cardinal Staffing and called. The Sales Manager came to meet with us right away. She brought our contract with her and explained exactly how everything would work. The temp we got is perfect! She is very professional, proficient and a fast learner. She definitely is a positive impact on the project. I highly recommend Cardinal Staffing.

Dina P., Office Manager

Our Company has a working relationship with Cardinal Staffing Services. We initially met with the Cardinal Sales Manager and laid out our annual needs for projects and seasonal upticks in our business. The Sales Manager immediately brought us in contact with her team of Human Resource Specialists. We scheduled the team for a plant tour to see the facility and the specific needs of our operation. The temporary candidates that we have brought on board from Cardinal have been more than enough for our needs. The temp employees currently working in our plant are punctual team players who are willingly to learn and train in a safe and quality manner. I highly recommend Cardinal Staffing.

Michael B., Operations Manager and Safety Coordinator

Cardinal Staffing has been working closely with us on our constantly changing staffing needs. The team has gone above and beyond to ensure that all of our needs are being met. They are always quick to respond and one step ahead of what our needs will be.

We have worked together to ensure that the candidates they present to us are informed about our work environment, our culture and the character we expect from those with whom we place in our facility. I have put my trust in Cardinal to give 100% while I acclimate to my HR Manager role. I have not been let down. Cardinal is a great partner to help us meet our staffing requirements.

Kimberly A., Human Resources Manager

I want to thank you for your assistance and ability to help us find a qualified candidate for our staffing needs. When I contacted you we had an immediate need to fill a position that had been vacated without proper notification. The time and preparation that would have been required to post an advertisement for this position and meet with potential candidates would have resulted in this position being left open for several weeks or months. Thanks to your help, we had a candidate with the proper qualifications and someone that was able to start immediately. This quick response allowed our organization to continue operating

Steve D., Branch Manager

Cardinal Staffing has been a great source for manning our specific sites in SE Michigan. Their employees have been prompt and job focused. We have direct hired some of them!!!

Gary W., Operations Manager