The ‘DL’ on Cardinal Staffing

The ‘DL’ on Cardinal Staffing


Cardinal Staffing Services, we don’t just search, we solve! As a staffing solution provider, we get a lot of questions about staffing. Mainly, we get asked how we work. What do we do? The types of roles do we support?  What type of companies do we partner with?


What We Do

We specialize in finding exciting roles for our candidates.  Here are some answers to questions we hear the most.

What Will a Recruiter do for Me?

Our professional recruiters are experts in the industry and have a pulse on hiring trends and local jobs. They have access to great opportunities through various clients. Recruiters will work to help you find the right connection and opportunity even if you are unsure of what that looks like.

What will Working with Cardinal Staffing look like?

First meet with our skilled recruiters. During this meeting, we take the time to really listen to our candidates. We discuss what the candidate is looking for. What issues or misses they’ve had with employers or employees in the past.

It’s Not a Robotic Approach

Our candidate action plan is a thoughtful approach. We make sure that skills line-up with job descriptions and company culture, so personalities don’t clash.

Where do the jobs come from?

The opportunities we offer are through our client companies. Our client companies trust us to quickly fill specific job openings.  Cardinal Staffing then creates custom recommendations to quickly provide skilled workers to get the work done. Through these recommendations, job opportunities are born. Our recruiters then work to connect a qualified candidate to our client. We stay in touch to make sure our candidates and clients’ needs are met.

What to Expect When I apply for a job?

If candidates apply via our online portal, they will be contacted quickly by a recruiter.  We also welcome walk-ins daily.

How can I get prepared?

We recommend highlighting your work, update your resume and meet with one of our professional recruiters.

What is The process

Candidates have a couple of options.  Our hiring process is easy:

    • Apply to a job online OR in person at a local branch
    • Meet with one of our professional recruiters Some basic skills testing, if applicable.
    • Drug screen and background check, when applicable.
    • Assignment given with start date, time, and location.

Cardinal Staffing Services – We don’t just Search; We Solve

Since 1994, our goal has always been to create a positive work environment for our employees, customers, and candidates.  Whether you are searching for great talent to fill open roles or you are looking for new job opportunities, Cardinal Staffing Services will help you achieve your goals.  Contact us today to get started.

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