Not Just a Job It’s an Opportunity

Not Just a Job It’s an Opportunity

Job Offer

In today’s competitive talent landscape, where candidates may have numerous options, investing time and effort into crafting a compelling job offer is paramount in attracting and securing the best talent for your organization.

The Job Offer

A well written job offer is a crucial tool for employers to showcase the organization, opportunities, and advantages available to the candidate.  As well as setting themselves apart from competitors in the job market.  A strong job offer not only addresses the candidate’s professional needs and aspirations but also considers their personal and work-life balance preferences.

To Be Clear

The job offer is what makes or breaks your relationship with your potential employee. It should provide all necessary information in a clear and direct way. But before hitting the send button, read everything out loud. If anything sounds ambiguous, consider rewriting it, because the odds are that it will confuse your candidate too. You want to come across well-versed so that they feel confident about coming to work for you.

Get That Commitment

Getting the offer signed as soon as possible is crucial, but you don’t want to rush your candidate. Give them some time to ponder the opportunity but consider asking them how they feel about it. It should be easy to pick up on any hesitation in their voice. This will give you an opportunity to discuss any possible objections with them, and also to prepare a Plan B in case they decline the job offer.

Why A Plan ‘B’

17.3% of  U.S. job offers, or more than 1 in 6, are rejected.  Glassdoor tracks this data and reports that there has been a steady increase in offer rejections over the last few years. This should be eye-opening to employers.  Therefore, you must assume all your candidates are fielding multiple offers.

At the End of the Day

Bringing on a new hire is an exciting time, especially for a young company, and confusion over how to write a job offer shouldn’t get in the way of that. Make sure to take time to make your candidate feel appreciated. Describe your onboarding process. That can make the difference between them choosing you or going to work for your biggest competitor.

The Cardinal Culture – We don’t just Search; we Solve

Cardinal Staffing Services is a place where you can be inspired to reach the goal of your dreams. The Cardinal Culture is about empowerment. We offer staffing across an extensive range of industries including HR, manufacturing, administrative, accounting, IT engineering and much more. Our customers and candidates are treated with respect, dignity, and appreciation. Sometimes a person just needs to be heard.  To listen to and to be given a chance.  That’s what we do every day!  Let’s connect and talk!

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