Company Referral Culture

Company Referral Culture

The Referral Culture


We’ve all heard about corporate culture and its importance within organizations.  Now it’s time to talk about a company referral culture. Building a referral culture has never been so critical. Companies are becoming more and more aware that employee referrals are key to recruitment success.

Sustainable Referrals

Building a sustainable referral culture within the company means that it will be able to consistently reap the recruitment benefits that referrals bring. With a positive company culture in place, employees will not only consistently refer, but they will also uphold and build on the company’s existing reputation as THE company to work for.

An Engaged Workforce

A company’s strong referral culture is essential for an engaged workforce that actively participate in the company’s referral program.  When employees are fully aware of the company culture, they can begin to confidently take part in the referral process. This is because the employees have knowledge of exactly what the company is looking for and who of their potential referees would be a good cultural fit.

Begin with Your Culture

A good company culture reflects and lives exactly what the company stands for. Identify exactly what your company values are and begin to reflect them in every aspect of your employees’ experiences. A clear corporate culture acts as a guide for the entire organization.  If you want your employees to authentically reflect your company and recognize that the initiatives you have in place, you need to communicate it clearly. This can be done during the onboarding process,  in company meetings, training programs or the internal newsletter.

Cardinal Staffing Considers All Referrals

Cardinal Staffing Services’ referral program is open to employees and non-employees alike.  This makes referrals more sustainable and proves to employees and non-employees that their referrals are seriously considered.  Also, the referred candidates can be added to a talent pool in case they would be  a perfect fit for a future vacancy.

In 2023, Cardinal Staffing Services paid out over $134,400.00 in referral bonuses

The Cardinal Culture 

Cardinal Staffing Services is not just any staffing company, it is a place you can be inspired to reach the goal of your dreams. The Cardinal Culture is about empowerment. We treat our customers and candidates with respect, dignity, and appreciation. We know that sometimes a person just needs to be heard.  To listen and to be given a chance.  And when we do, we become their trusted source.  We make positive decisions every day that impacts our valued clients, our candidates, and our communities.

Cardinal Staffing Finding Jobs since 1994

Cardinal Staffing provides automotive, industrial, skilled trades, administrative, and professional candidates with career opportunities at top employers. If you are ready for the job that’s truly right for you, Cardinal will find it. We are waiting to hear from you.  Contact us today!

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