Sourcing a Candidate

sourcing a candidate

Sourcing a Candidate

sourcing a candidate

Businesses have never done as much hiring as they do today. They’ve never spent as much money doing it in sourcing a candidate. Census data shows, that the majority of people who took a new job last year weren’t even searching for one: Somebody came and got them. Someone sourced them usually through social recruiting programs.


Keep it brief- the more attributes you add , the more interviews you will need to assess each candidate. Be realistic- stick to attributes that a candidate will need to truly be successful in the role.

Soft Skills

Soft skills can make all the difference between an average candidate and a top performer. A person who seeks answers, for instance, is a treasure. While someone with poor interpersonal skills can damage team unity.  Below I’ve touched on a few critical attributes to look for when considering job candidates.


A good leader can help motivate employees as well as help people find passions, develop skills, including people skills.  But you can’t teach integrity. It may take years to build trust, but you don’t get many shots at salvaging that trust once it’s broken. Unfortunately, it only takes one lie from one bad employee to harm your reputation.

Work Ethic and Perseverance

All of the skills and capabilities in the world doesn’t mean a thing if someone isn’t able to buckle down and work hard. It’s one of the most sought traits.  But it might be the rarest to detect in an interview.  No one is perfect and failure is part of life.  So, look for people that work through their failures.  And ones that find a way to learn from them or overcome a significant challenge. These will be the ones that find a way to always outperform.


Probably the most critical skill to recruit and screen for. Look for skilled people with a great aptitude and personality to fit your company’s culture. No matter the size of your organization, the person that tries to find ways to help without being asked is likely to not only survive changes but thrive in the long term.

Curiosity and Good Judgment

It will likely be that the most effective, engaged team members will be the ones that have an innate interest and curiosity.  When interviewing potential hires, good judgment and sound instincts are invaluable. Ask how they would react in various scenarios to get a sense of their decision-making skills.

Communication Skills 

Individuals with strong communication skills tend to think more critically, ask questions and listen.  Which helps them advance as individuals into management and upper-level positions. It is also important for maintaining client retention and relations.

The Cardinal Culture – Finding Jobs for 28 Years

We understand there will always be daily challenges.  That’s why we remain flexible to the needs of our valued clients and candidates.  And why we remain the Best-In-Class staffing partner since 1994. We should be your staffing partner.  Contact us Today!


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