Keywords And Attribute Recruiting

Keywords And Attribute Recruiting

Key Words and Attribute recruiting

Traditional methods of assessing job candidates cannot contend with the needs of today’s tough hiring market. An attributes-based approach to recruitment broadens talent pipelines and improves diversity and retention.  There’s a big distinction between hiring based on experience versus experiences. Be sure when sourcing your candidate your keywords and attribute recruiting give you what you are looking for.

HR and ATS

As an HR professional, you already know that keywords can make or break job seekers’ attempts to snag an interview from resumes that are fed into a company’s applicant tracking system (ATS) or other resume scanning tools. But there’s an art and science to picking the right words for experience, qualifications, achievements and most importantly attributes.

Broadened Approach for Attributes

The employment fallout from the pandemic has meant companies need more than ever to broaden their pool of viable candidates. More options come to the forefront when you begin to qualify them based on their attributes and skill set.  Instead on fixating on someone having X-X-number of years working in a certain role.

Experience Doesn’t Equate to Success

Someone may not check all of the exact checkboxes of experience that you’ve specified in your listing. But the skills they attained in their previous positions might qualify them. They could even be the perfect candidate. But if you’re merely comparing their job titles and experience against your checklist, chances are they’ll be passed by.

Skills-first Promotes Diversity, Lessens Bias

Pretty much every company these days has Diversity and inclusion goals for their workforce.  And those goals will be much easier to meet if you’re hiring people based on their skills, performance and potential and little else. You will also be increasing the diversity of your talent pool.

Tech Gives the Process a Helping Hand

AI, backed by data analytics, can search out candidates based on any number of skills and attributes that you’re seeking, going far beyond what an experience-centric search or a job posting could turn up. It’s especially valuable when you want to target passive candidates who aren’t actively searching for a position.

Company Culture

Also, remember that a focus on skills doesn’t stop and start with hiring.  Be sure your company’s culture allows for professional development and continued growth inside your company.  A company with a workforce with an abundance of skills is one that’s prone to be more diverse and successful.

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