Our Work Life Has Changed

Our Work Life Has Changed

Changing Work Life

Our work life has changed.  Hardly no one made it through the pandemic with their work life unchanged. Millions of people lost their jobs.  According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment dropped by 20.5 million people in the U.S. alone in April 2020. Service providers were hit most intensely: 7.7 million jobs were lost in the leisure and hospitality sector, with 5.5 million of them in food service or drinking establishments.

Remote Work

The shift to remote work led to the collapse of the work-home boundary.  Especially for parents juggling childcare and homeschooling along with job demands.  At the same time other people found benefits in working remotely. Being on their own gave them greater control with fewer distractions and gave them more time and energy as well as saving them money.

Overnight Work Shift

The overnight shift to remote work has been one of the most notable real-time social experiments of recent times. It has shown that remote work does not come at the cost of productivity. In fact, many companies have reported increased productivity. A McKinsey analysis found that more than 20 percent of the workforce could work remotely three to five days a week as effectively as from an office.

Middle Management and Different Responsibilities

Managers today must confront new realities. Social and political turbulence, work-life fusion and hybrid work have added a new layer of complexity (and pressure) to their roles. Traditional managerial success was based on the ability to manage and evaluate employee performance. This has shifted. HR executives will hire and develop managers who are poised to be great coaches, teachers and to operate with empathy.

Upskilling and digital dexterity

In the future, the most high-value work will be cognitive in nature. Digital dexterity will ultimately be the modus operandi for how employees work.  Employees will need to apply creativity, critical thinking, and constant digital upskilling to solve complex problems. A digital economy will demand new ideas, information and flexible business models that will continually shift and expand.

Work takes up a lot of people’s time, talent, and potential.  And workers are increasingly demanding that it offer a sustainable and rewarding quality of life in return.

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