Be the Best Version of You

Be the Best Version of You

Best Version of you

Gosh, is it me or has the last few years have had some challenges?  The pandemic, major mother nature storms, mass shootings, etc.  And through everything we must somehow keep moving forward.  Well I am here to say there is a best version of us inside all of us.  First to be the best version of you we need to see it and believe in ourselves.  We’re our own worst enemies when it comes to achieving success, chasing our dreams, and living a life that’s filled with passion and purpose.

Same Old Excuse

We all have the same excuse for why we haven’t reached our potential or pursued our goal.  We might phrase it differently, but it’s usually something like this “I’m just not there yet,” “I’m not ready,” or “It hasn’t happened yet.” The loose translation of this is the drive, the spirit, the idea, the magic tool that will bring success, has not yet arrived.

What Does “Be Your Best Self” Mean?

Generally, your best self means taking control of your life. When you call the shots, you become more empowered to make decisions towards your happiness. Additionally, your “best self” does not need to be the same thing forever. Over time, your definition of your best self will change in all areas of your life so stay flexible.

Taking Control

You have now finally decided to work on your best self. Great! But what does that actually mean?

The definition of “best self” is subjective. The version of your best self may not be the same as your family or friends. Don’t give in to the temptation of comparing yourself to others. Just remember your personal definition of your best self.

Can’t Always Win

More than that, remember that your best self does not always mean winning. All areas of your life can’t turn out the way you want to. That’s simply not how life works. Instead, it’s about acknowledging that being your best self means showing up to face each challenge as they come.

It’s a journey

Even if you ask your most successful close friends, they will tell you that unlocking your best self is not an overnight process. Sometimes, it can take a lifetime. So just brace yourself for the ride and enjoy the journey.

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