Thank You Military Families

Thank You Military Families

Military Family

Let’s remember to say thank you to military families. November was first declared as Military Family Month in 1996. Since then, November has been a time to acknowledge the tremendous sacrifices our military families make. These families embody strength, resilience, and courage.  The care of military families and children sustains our fighting force, and strengthens the health, security, and safety of our nation’s families and communities.


We all need to remember the sacrifices military families make while supporting their servicemen and women.  I don’t think people realize the magnitude of sacrifices that kids and families make, especially the children. Watching and waiting for their loved ones on each deployment.  And then having to say goodbye to newly made friends and move on for each Permanent Change of Station.

Culture and Family Traditions

Military families come in all shapes and sizes, from the parents who see their sons and daughters off, to the spouses and children waiting for them at home.   Just try to imagine how resilient these families are.  How they come together and support each other.  Families of all shapes and sizes.  They are the ones that have to get through each change, each absence, each life event. Try to imagine uprooting your family when orders come down and move to a different culture all trying to maintain your own family’s traditions and celebrations.

First in Two Decades

2022 is the first year in the last two decades that U.S. service members weren’t deployed to support a major theater of operations overseas. However, let’s not forget that thousands of men and women in uniform are still deployed worldwide.  They are working with partner countries, patrolling trade routes, providing aid to those in need, and so much more.

Commitment and Dedication

Without the military family’s commitment and dedication, it would be impossible for our military to remain organized and focused. They are our patriots who support their family members, while enriching the communities they call home. So, let’s all remember to show our support by waving a flag, saying a prayer, and telling each and every military family member –THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!

The Cardinal Culture

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