Workplace Culture

Workplace Culture

Workplace Culture

 Workplace Culture

Workplaces continue to rapidly evolve.  Organizations struggle to find and keep talent in today’s environment.  Today leaders must also focus on planning for an unknown future. What will 2022 bring for workplace cultures? The reality is that companies and the workplace culture must be more flexible to attract and retain their workforce.

Flexibility rules

Are workers returning to the office?  Are they going 100% remote?  Or is it a hybrid work model?  Flexibility applies to more than just where or even when, employees work. Research from the O.C. Tanner Institute’s 2022 Global Culture Report found tasks that require focus or creative thinking are easier to do at home.  While tasks, collaboration and connections are easier and more productive in the office.

Moving forward in 2022, employees expect an increased flexibility in many aspects of their work lives.  They will even change jobs, if necessary, to get it.  Help employees feel more connected and inspired to do great work.

Look at what happens when employees have flexibility in how they work and improved outcomes:

  • 41% higher likelihood of engagement
  • 77% higher likelihood of retention
  • 41% higher likelihood of being a Promoter on the eNPS scale
    • The NPS is typically interpreted and used as an indicator of customer loyalty.

What Organizations Can Do:  three key areas

  1. Give employees a say in where and when they work but set clear expectations of when and how they should be available. Give guidelines as to what work is best done in the office vs. at home, and why.
    • This ensures employees are reachable but also provides boundaries to prevent burnout.
  2. Provide opportunities to stay connected for remote employees. Create a physical office space and allow them time to collaborate and interact socially. Use tools like Culture Cloud to help remote employees stay connected to their teams and the organization.
    • Have a solid career development strategy for remote and hybrid workers. Ensure employees can practice new skills, work on special projects, and see their progress.

Personalized Recognition

Personal recognition will show between a 4x to 19x higher probability of great work. Employees have different needs and are motivated in different ways.  Public praise can have a negative effect on quieter employees.  But positive public praise impacts employees who are driven and have high-energy.  While others would like to have senior leaders recognize their efforts.

Cardinal Culture – Since 1994

Since the beginning Cardinal Staffing Services has had one singular goal: To create a positive work environment for customers, candidates and employees. We value every relationship we have built throughout our history.  How can we help you achieve your goals?  Start today!

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