Generation Z Workforce

Gen Z Workforce

Generation Z Workforce

How do we best support a Generation Z workforce?  61 million people from Generation Z (Gen Z) will be entering the workforce.  Recruiting teams may need to create digital experiences for this digitally-equipped  generation. Companies must know and understand this talent pool of workers to be able to attract and employ them.

According to Business of Apps, 64% of Gen Z smartphone users “are constantly connected online.  As well as 57% admitting that they feel insecure, without their mobile phone.”  As a result, Gen Z has grown up with computers, texting, the internet and social media platforms.  A report from Snapchat found that today Gen Z spends 4 hours and 15 minutes each day on their phone.  Most importantly, 95% of Generation Z have smartphones and are comfortable utilizing social media platforms.

Keeping Gen Z Engaged

This generation has different ideas, values and expectations for their careers and workplace.  Companies need to update their recruiting and hiring process to effectively reach, attract and engage them. Young job seekers are looking for consistent feedback on their application process and work performance. As well as updates via email and social platforms.  To clarify, companies will need to have the technology in place to attract and meet the needs of these young job seekers.

Remote or In-Person

Gen Z candidates are not looking for the traditional, 9-to-5, five day work week.  Be sure to clarify during the interview process, what your company approach is regarding remote work, flexibility, and a work-life balance.  According to NACE’s Job Outlook 2022 Report, employers plan to hire 26% more graduates from the Class of 2022  than they did from the class of 2021.  But, this report showed no preference between in-person or remote positions. But, that doesn’t mean they want their work assignments to be flexible. Over half reported that they wanted “assigned, structured projects, with clear objectives, timelines, and ways to measure success.”

Work-Life Balance

The Gen Z population have made it very clear that flexibility and work-life balance are priorities in their job search. Companies competing in today’s tough job market, will need to ensure that their culture reflect these needs.  For example, set one day a week as a blackout day when no meetings can be scheduled. Or, to build flexibility into policies by adding mental health days. Above all take the time and make some changes to shift corporate culture for the long-term to attract top Gen Z talent.

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