New Hire Paperwork

New Hire Paperwork

New Hire Paperwork

Onboarding new hires and New Hire Paperwork is your chance to make a great first impression on your new employee.  Therefore, creating a new hire packet that takes care of the necessary documents and forms is crucial.  Also include a few extras for fun. In other words, your new hire paperwork is a positive way to show new employees just how the company they’ve started their new journey with is organized and how they are valued as new teammates.

What Forms do New Employees Have to Fill Out?

In the United States, all new hires are expected to establish their legal right to work.  Therefore, this may include verification of age and citizenship. Citizenship questions are included on the I-9 form or answered through the online E-Verify system for employment eligibility verification. Tax documents include the federal IRS Form W-4, or W-9 for a contractor, as well as state and local tax forms if necessary. Does your company work with a union?  Do you offer direct deposit?  Include those forms in the packet as well.

New Hire Packet

Ideally, the new hire packet should include all the necessary employee new hire forms.  Be sure to include some company and position-specific information.  Then, a few personalized welcome-aboard items.  Having all the necessary forms and paperwork in one compact package, will get your new employee off on the right foot from the first day.

If you’re stuck for facts to include, go over what you know about your company’s history .  Secondly, imagine what you would have found most interesting or funny as a new hire.  This helps to convey how established your company is and how much of a legacy it has built up over the years. Employers can provide new employees with their new hire packets either before they start or on their first day of work.

Surprising Things to Include

It doesn’t have to be all business when you’re putting together a new hire packet. Therefore make it feel more personal and welcoming.  In addition to including the standard business forms, think about what you would like to receive in a welcome packet, if you were just starting out at the company.

Fun facts

A lot of companies have a quirky side that makes them unique.  While others have been in operation long enough to have a very interesting history.  On the other hand, some have executives who volunteer or have unusual hobbies. These are great factoids to include in a fun-facts sheet to be included.  In short, this is an engaging, reader-friendly way to introduce key information about your company to new hires.

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