Choosing Your Work Industry

Choosing Work Industry

Choosing Your Work Industry

Choosing your work industry is a crucial part of being happy and feeling fulfilled at work.  So, it is surprising how so many people just fall into a career with very little thought or planning. It doesn’t have to be this way. Even after choosing your work industry, it is still possible to change industries . Choosing your work industry is easier than you might think. Ask yourself, what’s the right career for me?  Now, follow these tips for starting a career in the industry that suits you.  So now let’s find that job you love….

Choosing Your Work Industry Skillsets

Whatever it is that you do, you have acquired a wealth of skills so make a list of your skillsets. You have hard skills that are very specific to your current industry. Also, you have soft skills, which will be highly transferable. These transferable skills are things like communication skills, leadership, teamwork and working under pressure. As a result, these types of skills can be utilized in many industries and roles. So you can immediately see if you are a good fit, by comparing a job description with your skillset.

Choosing Your Work Industry Skillset Weaknesses

Knowing your strengths is great but, it’s also important to know your weaknesses.  What do you struggle with or really don’t enjoy?  These might be areas to avoid. Then those careers that utilizing many of your weaknesses might not be the right fit.  Although, you can turn those weaknesses into strengths.  Your list of weaknesses is important. Working on those weaknesses would be essential for an industry swap that really appeals to you.

What Industry Lights You Up

What are your passions?  Write down what you enjoy doing. What gets you excited? What do you love? These questions are important, since you are making the effort to choose a new industry.  So Be bold. Include it all. Be sure then to go back and mark the items that are relevant to the career you choose. The more things you can hit on this list, the more appealing that industry and job will be.

Your Non-Negotiables

List certain things that you just simply will not bend on.  Like for example, if having weekends off is non-negotiable; the hospitality industry would not be for you. By having your non-negotiables clear you are setting your boundaries. Your work-life balance is important.  So it is vital that you know where to will draw the line.

Your Career Recruiter – Cardinal Staffing

Changing industries, knowing what skills and qualifications that are needed for different industries is challenging.  Cardinal Staffing Services has been helping candidates find that perfect job since 1994. We have grown and expanded into 5 states with 11 branch offices. As a result,  our commitment to making exceptional matches has helped our clients expand their businesses, helped our candidates build meaningful careers and has made our communities stronger.  We are waiting to hear from you….

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