Reducing Job Search Stress

Reducing Job Stress

Unemployment Stress

Reducing job search stress and unemployment stress is hard to handle for most people.  Even if you are already engaged in an active new job search. Unemployment stress ( at any time is a blow to our self-esteem. There are still jobs out there just waiting for your skills, talent and personality. Reducing job search stress can be done with careful planning. Planning is vital to your success.  Let’s Make that Plan….

Follow the Plan….

Our identities are often very tied to the work we do.  Remember, you are not your work. List and define  your clear values.  Then identify your personality and work styles. After that define your skills that make you, YOU.  Now is the time to package who you are (Your Brand) and sell it.

Cast a wider Net

Expand your search into broader categories than you would before the pandemic. Search for companies you admire, by job titles and skilled categories.  Search the Social Media Platforms for opportunities.   Align yourself with people who are doing what you ideally want to do.   Focus on your transferable skills.

Stay organized and be strategic

Bring your ‘A’ game to your job search. Assess what’s working well and what you can do differently on a weekly basis. Follow-up on your activity, applications, and target companies.

The Right Staffing PartnerCardinal Staffing Services

Since 1994, Cardinal Staffing has been a trusted staffing partner for businesses and candidates looking for that right fit.  We understand how stressful it can be when you’re ready to get to work but your job search has stalled, or your staffing service has failed you. Our process for candidates is streamlined straight-forward and designed to get you working as quickly as possible at a job where you will shine.

Cardinal Staffing Services has been placing qualified candidates in automotive, skilled trades, light industrial, administrative, and professional jobs since 1994. If you’re looking for new opportunities to build your skills and grow your career, you have come to the right place.  Are you ready for a job you’ll love, apply now.

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