Why Staff Augmentation

Why Staff Augmentation One of the most significant trends in today’s business is the dramatic increase in the use of contingent workers globally. This practice isn’t necessarily modern, and today’s contingent workforce manifests itself in many working models, the most common being staff augmentation. A Flexible Solution Staff augmentation is a powerful tool for any… Read More »

Just Who are They

I think we all know someone that has worked on ‘an assignment’ or did ‘project’ or a ‘gig’.  There are tons of people working in different capacities at companies that are not on internal payroll.  And these workers have  many terms, such as; temps, contract, leased, independent contractors or contingent workers. Whatever they are called… Read More »

Flexible Workforce

Flexible Workforce A flexible workforce shouldn’t surprise anyone.  We live in a flexible on-demand world.  If we can’t get to the grocery store, they will deliver.  If we can’t get to mall, we order on Amazon, and it will be delivered.  It shouldn’t surprise anyone that in the current economy, contingent workers are an integral… Read More »