Mathematician to GPS Pioneer

Mathematician to GPS Pioneer February is Black History month.  Since this is the last day of the month I didn’t want to month to end without highlighting a very intelligent woman, Dr. Gladys West.  She was born on October 27, 1930, in rural Virginia in a community of sharecroppers and was one of four children.… Read More »

Continuing Black History Month

Continuing Black History Month Continuing Black History month, I want to focus on Dorothy Pitman Hughes (1938-2022).  Growing up in the American south Dorothy experience segregation and discrimination.  She listened while her mother and other women met on the front porch to talk about ways to make their families’ lives better.  Dorothy knew  from a young… Read More »

Black History Month

Black History Month Since February is Black History Month I thought I would honor a few important people.  I can’t imagine the courage that Rosa Parks possessed to climb onto that bus.  Or The determination of Harriet Tubman delivering people to freedom. I would hope that I would have that same strength in the face… Read More »