Manufacturing in 2023

Manufacturing in 2023

Manufacturing in 2023

The Great Resignation isn’t over just yet. One in five workers say that they’re “extremely likely” or “very likely” to switch employers within the coming year. In order to overcome the hurdle like the Great Resignation, manufacturing in 2023 will need stand ready to face many hurdles.

Manufacturing Challenges

The Washington Post reported that manufacturers have seen a nearly 60% increase in resignations compared to pre-pandemic numbers as well as supply chain disruptions, outsourced manufacturing, and a need for digital manufacturing.  This phenomenon has taken a serious toll on the manufacturing industry.

Agile Supply Chains 

Supply chain disruptions aren’t going anywhere. The pandemic was not an isolated incident. The U.S. could be facing a nationwide railroad strike. We don’t know what disruptions to expect in 2023 but anything could happen to throw a wrench in the supply chain. The keys to successful supply chains moving forward would be agility with strategic, proactive contingency plans, and supplier diversification.


More companies will turn to outsourced manufacturing to reduce operating costs and increase focus on core competencies. There will be an increase in outsourced manufacturing in 2023.  Increased reliance on outsourced manufacturing is an on-going trend, supported by data from the 2022 State of Manufacturing Report, which shows 48% of companies reported an increase in outsourced manufacturing in 2022.

Digital Manufacturing

2023 will be a digital manufacturing tipping point. The pandemic was a serious wake-up call to manufacturing companies that adopting digital manufacturing tools is not optional any longer.   Implementation of technologies that support digital manufacturing continue to evolve.  Moreover, implementing them will be a major factor for companies in 2023. A digital manufacturing partner can help companies leverage the power of digital tools, streamline workflows, and make the work-teams faster and more productive.

Get Ready, Stay Ready

Does your company have an effective manufacturing readiness strategy for 2023?  Your company’s motto should be: Don’t just get ready, stay ready!

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